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4 Helpful Dental Marketing Tips That Will Ensure Success

Currently, there are more than 201,117 dentists working in the dental industry. If you’re looking to improve your clientele, the only way to do this is by implementing the proper dental marketing strategy.

We understand you’ve done the research and still find yourself missing some of the most crucial dental marketing trends out there. Get your floss ready because after checking out our dental marketing tips, you’re going to have new clients knocking on your office door.

1. Create a Dental Blog

How do you plan to increase your credibility as a dentist without a blog? On your blog, you can provide people with information they didn’t know about dental hygiene or the industry in an engaging and captivating way.

As people visit your blog, they’ll understand you know what you’re talking about and provide them with quality service. It shows that you have a passion for providing people with the right kind of information to ensure they make the best decisions possible for their oral hygiene.

If you’re going to create a blog, diversify the type of content you use. One week you can post an infographic and the next a live question and answer video for website visitors to watch.

2. Optimize Your Website

The SEO industry is worth more than $8 billion. You must take the time to do the research to find the most popular words consumers search for when looking for services your practice offers.

You must follow some rules when optimizing your website, such as not using too many keywords. You’ve got to ensure you’ve sprinkled the right amount through your content without going overboard.

One helpful step is to study the SEO practices of your competitors and make a note of the things that work and don’t work for them. From there, you can ensure you’re not making the same mistakes.

3. Implement Patient Recall

Your patients want to know that they’re more than another check in your pocket. The one thing that’s more important than the services you provide is the personalization of each visit.

From the time they enter your dental office until their next visit, how you interact with them matters. Finds ways to show your patients that you care by using patient recall, which is a way of notifying them of their next visit.

If they came in for a procedure, you could send an email, text, or, if you’re savvy, a social media message checking on them. This further nurtures the relationship you’ve taken the time to build.

4. Discounts Are Welcome

Everyone loves to receive some type of incentive to do something you want them to do. If you understand that your patients will be traveling during the holiday season, offer them a coupon or discount to schedule their appointment before that time.

If you’re a pediatric dentist, you could create a contest for your young patients to participate in. Whoever wins the contest will receive a prize and a discount on their next visit.

Dental Marketing 101

Dental marketing changes every day because it’s essential to follow the latest trends, or you’ll be left behind. We’ve shared some of the most important tips with you; all that’s left to do is put them into action.

If you’re still unsure how to make digital marketing work for your practice, it’s time to contact Dental Systems Optimization. While you’re working on teeth, we’ll be working on your site.