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How Videography Can Boost Your Clients Interaction and Rankings

Traditional dental advertising was a far simpler affair than our current marketing. Back then, mailers, print ads, and the occasional billboard would suffice to spread the word about your practice. Combined with excellent service and the resulting word of mouth advertising, most dental practices found all the business they needed to thrive. However, things have changed and in our modern interconnected world digital marketing places new demands on dental practices to make themselves seen by potential patients. Social media and the internet of things have pushed us all towards a more dynamic and visually oriented marketing strategy, one which includes a robust amount of video content. So how can videography improve your dental practice’s marketing? How can videography boost your client interaction and rankings? Some of the answers may surprise you.

Videography is a powerful tool for establishing your practice’s personality and character in the minds of potential patients. By establishing a level of familiarity and introducing yourselves and your practice in advance of an office visit, you’ll be well on the way to building the trust that quality dental care depends on.  What kind of content can best accomplish this? There are a variety of options, any or all of which may work for you and your practice:

  • Office tour videos are a great way to allow potential patients to visit your space without travelling to you. An office tour video allows you to show off the space you’ve built, introduce potential patients to the atmosphere and culture you’ve created, and thus begin building rapport with your new patients. Building familiarity is a powerful marketing tool, and this includes familiarity with the space.
  • Introduction videos for dentists and staff are another step in building that critical familiarity and trust that brings new patients into the fold. An intro video is a chance for each member of your practice to talk about themselves and let a potential patient get a feel for their personalities and bedside manner. As we’ve said before, trust is key in providing quality dental care, and you build trust with a great first impression. An introduction video is a chance to ensure that your first impression is the best that it can be.
  • Patient testimonial videos are another wonderful way to put patients at ease and assure them that they’ll be receiving the highest quality care available. Potential patients can hear the stories and experiences of established patients, and the ways in which your practice and the care you give has improved their lives. This helps build a community around your practice and brand, and make new patients feel like they’re part of something special.

All of these videos also fulfill another role by improving your search engine ratings. As the Google algorithm in particular evolves, it places a higher priority on video content and assigns higher search engine rankings to sites and businesses with robust video libraries. If you want your practice to stand out from the crowd on the list of Google search results, videography is the tool you need.

It’s a brave new world of marketing in so many ways, and it pays to ensure that your practice is keeping up with the times. A fresh, robust, and evolving video marketing presence is another tool that can help to further build your success.