digital marketing

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

For better or worse over the last 20 years we’ve moved into a world dominated by digital media, online communications, and the profusion of mobile devices. For most Americans, these are constant companions during an average day and their primary means of receiving information, staying in touch with friends and family, and connecting to the broader world.

This has implications for businesses of all sizes, including your dental practice. The days of newspaper ads, billboards, and mailers as the primary marketing tools for a dental clinic are over. A strong digital presence is a must if you want to succeed in this industry. So toward that end, let’s take a brief look at digital marketing, the fundamentals of digital marketing, and some ways you might apply that to your business and its goals.

Advertising in the Digital Age

As we point out above, advertising for dental practices used to mean a few billboards, a regular newspaper ad, and an occasional round of fliers or mailers. While those tools may still be useful depending on your practice and its location, digital marketing has taken primacy in terms of building awareness of your brand and services. Advertising now may mean a directed series of ads on social media, which can target the right demographics and locations to meet your potential patients.  Costs will vary depending on the social media platform in question and the size and scope of your ad, but in general cost is lower than a traditional billboard or recurring newspaper ad.

Placing ads on websites for local publications is always a tough question. If done correctly it can help raise awareness of your office and its services, but the key issue is tracking it carefully to ensure that you’re getting a return on that investment. The old joke of “every month half of the marketing budget is wasted but we don’t know which half” was funny 30 years ago. Now it’s an outdated joke, as digital ads offer a variety of ways for you to track how your investment is performing. By staying on top of it, you’ll ensure that you’re spending your money effectively and getting the results you need.

The Role of Social Media in Dental Marketing

Twenty years ago, social media was in its infancy and was largely a fun digital toy for college students and enthusiasts with limited advertising potential. Now it’s a dominant form of communication in the developed world, and the primary means by which many American adults receive their information. As such, most businesses need a robust social media presence focused on the right platforms to connect with their target audience. The right approach for you will depend on your practice and its goals, who your demographics are, and how much of an investment you want to make in social media. Some expert guidance from an experienced digital marketing service might be the right approach here, as they offer an affordable way to ensure that your social media presence gets professional care.

If you choose to handle your own social media, there are some tips to know. Focusing on two or three appropriate platforms is an effective way to handle it yourself. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the classical “Big Three” of social media, but you may have different needs depending on your audience. Posting regularly–at least several times a week if not daily–is a necessity; it keeps your digital presence alive and relevant. It’s a good way to share information about your services, staff, changes in hours or availability, or just fun things going on around the office.

 Quality Digital Marketing is a Must

For all these reasons and more, quality digital marketing is a must for your practice and its future. We hope this article’s given you a better idea of what digital marketing is and how best to apply it to your office and its goals. If you have questions or you want to bring in some experienced professional help for your digital marketing, get in touch with us today. We’re here to help you illuminate the blind spots on your path to success!