Dental Coaching

As Advisors, Coaches and Consultants, we believe that having someone in your practice creates a relationship between our team and yours. We like to call this approach boots on the ground! Much like athletes, public speakers, and other careers, there is one thing that causes them to standout amongst the rest, and that’s their coaches. Our experts have years of clinical experience that can offer insight to not only your business need but setting your practice goals as well. Our philosophy is that collaborative planning, breeds an environment that offers a higher chance for long term success. It’s one thing for everyone to know their professional role, but do they understand how their role contributes to the success of your organization? Whether you’re looking to increase production, create a more cohesive team, or have ambitions to see your team excel, we are here for you.

Personalized Coaching

We understand that every practice is different in more ways than one and our team is dedicated to helping you focus on succeeding in all aspects of your organization, through strategic planning. By identifying an obstacle or a process and creating a clearly defined objective, we can develop a strategy that creates piece of mind for the owner and their team.

On-site Visits

Being able to connect with you and your team in a one-on-one setting, offers amazing results when planning your personalized strategy. Conducting these visits not only allows us to create a rapport, but that also builds a meaningful relationship. Additionally, we can effectively connect with your team and identify how and where each of their strong points can assist in achieving your organization’s strategy. These visits take place throughout the entire process, to ensure desired results.

One of our more leading features is using our practice analysis, to illuminate blind spots. Much of our team will tell you that “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two. Which is why during this process our priority is to help you not only uncover the items that need attention, but how put an actionable strategy in place.

Strategic Planning for Expected Results

We focus on areas such as treatment plan presentation, effective scheduling, effective communication, morning huddles, and other areas of importance in your practice, to guarantee you’ll reach your full potential. We set goals in each of the selected areas and create an easy, comprehensive plan. From there, we direct you towards the areas that require action and advise you when each milestone should be met.

Purposeful Results

As we continuously walk with you down your road to success, we’ll provide feedback and redirection using many tools. Our frequent coaching calls, strategy planning sessions, dashboard optics are all being used, as we track your progress. You’ll be optimizing your private practice, to become a high performing organization that will ascend to the next level. We understand the needs of dentists and are passionate about helping build your practice. Schedule a call with us now and find out how one of our experts can help you with your practice needs.