Print Design for Dental Practices

In a digital world, with information flying through the air around us at light speed, it’s easy to overlook the power of traditional media for marketing, branding, and outreach. However the fact remains that print design for dental practices is a vital part of their marketing efforts. There’s a timeless power to print: the tangible nature of it, the gloss of the page. When delivered correctly and with the right quality and focus, it has a particular impact that digital marketing can’t reach.

So what makes quality print design for dental practices? As with all marketing and branding tools, the goal of your practice’s print design is to create a welcoming, inviting image for your patients. Dentistry is both art and science, and the art is relating to the people you care for. Both potential patients and established clients need to know that your office is a warm, welcoming place in which caring providers give the best care available. Print media in its various forms can deliver that for them, crafting a human feeling that creates the connection you need.

Your options for print marketing are many and varied, comprising both classical approaches to print media and more contemporary applications of this potent marketing tool. Some of our more popular and successful ones include:

  • Print Ads: The bedrock of print marketing, print ads are a versatile marketing and branding tool which, when applied with skill and care, will reach the right audience for your practice every time.
  • Magazines Spots: Many potential patients engage with this particular media. By placing the right ad in the right publication, we’ll connect your message and your practice to the demographic you’re trying to reach.
  • Billboards and Signage: Another classic tool and a mainstay of many marketing efforts, an eye catching display at the perfect location will drive traffic–and new patients–to your door.
  • Graphic Design for All Aspects of Your Practice: It’s a visually oriented world, and regardless of your practice’s marketing and branding needs professional-quality graphic design is a must as you rise to further success. We’ll create an enduring, engaging visual environment which embodies the best of your practice and your brand.
  • Mailers and Flyers: Longstanding marketing tools, these have powerful applications for dental marketing when used skillfully and well. We’ll target the right audience, create the perfect flyer or mailer, and make sure it gets to them.
  • Business Cards: Business cards are a classic marketing tool, and perhaps the most powerful single item in your person-to-person marketing arsenal. We’ll ensure that your business cards deliver the right message so that they always get the response you want.

Your practice’s marketing is about far more than just advertising. It’s the first encounter most potential patients will have with your office, your staff, and your brand. It’s that proverbial “first impression” which is so powerful and so irreplaceable. At DSO, we take the time to understand both the rapidly evolving demands of the business of dentistry and dental marketing and the unique needs and challenges facing your practice. Our start-to-finish approach to print design–and to dental marketing as a whole–reflects both this understanding and our commitment to the highest quality of customer service and the best results for our clients. Your image and your brand are your greeting to the world. Let us create it for you.