Ready To Purchase A Dental Practice?
Let's Grow Together.

Dentistry is both an art and a science, and your career will be an ongoing process of personal and professional evolution. As you continue to grow as a dentist and develop new skills, you’ll also be faced with a complex series of business choices. Do you continue as an associate or start your practice? If the former, do you buy into your current practice with an eye toward taking it over someday? Or do you take the latter option and start your practice? If so do you buy an established practice or start the process of building one from scratch?
This is a complex series of choices and may leave you feeling a bit bewildered. Navigating them on your own is fraught with pitfalls and potentially costly mistakes, but there is another way. OmniStar Financial Group and Dental Systems Optimization can illuminate the blind spots on your professional path via our Purchasing Dentist Program. The Purchasing Dentist program is designed to enhance your professional growth and your finances while increasing your peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Our Process

We begin the process by listening carefully to you and developing an understanding of your goals, dreams, and professional ambitions. Our core values state that no two clients are identical; we meet each of them where they’re at and treat them like family. We want to know why you entered into dentistry as a profession, and where you want your life journey to take you.

Once that understanding is in place, the work begins. Our team of professionals brings their extensive experience to bear in developing a comprehensive plan to help you reach your dreams and goals while maximizing every opportunity along the way. From the foundational moves of finding and establishing the right business structure, to the complexities of financing expansion and equipment purchases, we’ll be there to guide your steps. And while we’re building your business, we’ll also be developing your financial success. Retirement planning, investments, proper insurance, and tax reduction are all part of the services we offer and the guidance we share with our clients. We’ll deal with the potential pitfalls by doing what we do best and illuminating the blind spots via our experience, expertise, and integrity.

You’re at the peak of your career, and it’s time to start making the right moves to maximize your potential success. The Purchasing Dentist Program and Dental Services Optimization offers everything you need to do just that. Get in touch today and let’s start building your best future.

Business Planning

  • Practice expansion or purchases
  • Are you maximizing financial tools
  • Do you have the right entity structure
  • Effective debt reduction
  • Are you properly insured
  • Do you have the right retirement plan
  • Are you maximizing your career

Personal Planning

  • Comprehensive wealth management
  • Investment allocation
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Coordinate goals with finances
  • Are you properly insured
  • Do you have the right retirement plan