Real-Time Analytics For Dentists

Dental practice management systems (PMS) are a great tool for eliminating paper trails, executing billing in a practice, and other features that help office managers navigate through daily operations. While these system functionalities are helpful, they can be time consuming and require examining a long list of reports only to use a small portion of what’s offered. This can create time consuming activities that lead to decreased productivity, which can lead to breakdowns in your team’s ability to perform efficiently. Which is why at DSO our approach focuses on helping you unlock all your potential.

Why are Analytics Important?

Helping you understand how your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), can help you in achieving your goals is what we do. By assembling production trends, accounts receivable, collections, and other analytics, we can ascertain a benchmark which guides us to where you need to go next. This process is referred to as a practice analysis. It a major part of why successful practices operating in the manner they do, and we take great joy in helping professionals operate to their full potential.

Normally, by establishing a firm understanding of your analytics, we can uncover spots where you may be missing out on revenue opportunities, if your fees are in order, and most importantly if patients are walking out the back door. All these factors are considered when it comes to the larger picture of overall practice success. Whether you are starting out as a new practice owner or have become established with plans to transition soon numbers are important.

The majority of the practices we work with are surprised to find out just how much revenue potential is in their practice, and we want to help you identify it all.

Real-Time Analytics Done Right

Our dedicated experts will be able to connect to a workstation of your choice using our secure methods. There is no need to obtain confidential information and our platform is unique in streaming data, that is most important to you. This means less time searching for reports and more time working towards with your patients. By processing data from both business analytics and key performance indicators (KPI’s), you’ll receive comprehensive reports that display a snapshot of your practice. By accompanying these reports with regular strategy sessions, you can rest easy knowing you are going to meet the goals set by you and your team. We also provide you with access to your personalized dashboard, that includes updates of the data you need every 15-minutes on our cloud-based version.

Don’t wait, Act

Taking the time to understand your KPI’s and how they can better serve your success is a process. We understand how to navigate complexities and welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team. It’s not enough to decide to make a change remember, acting is the first step towards sustained success. Contact us today and schedule an introductory call, with a member of our team. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you unlock your potential.