Online Advertising For Dentists

Pay-Per-Click campaigns were among the first true innovations in digital marketing, and they remain a powerful and well-developed tool for marketing and branding at every level. It stands as the primary advertising model for search engines and social media, two of the most effective means of reaching your target audience. Pay-Per-Click campaigns, also known as PPC campaigns, are a tool your dental practice needs in order to succeed.

Understanding PPC

Pay-Per-Click works just as the name suggests. Ads for your practice or service appear on search engines and social media, most often targeted towards the specific audience or kind of potential patient that you want to engage with. They accomplish this by making use of the search engine’s ad targeting capability, most commonly Google Adwords. This allows for an algorithmic analysis of both search engine traffic and your advertising needs, marrying the two in a way that gets the right message to the right people every time.

This approach offers a number of advantages over traditional print or signage. The strengths of PPC campaigns include:

  • Cost efficiency: With the right Pay-Per-Click campaign, you’ll know exactly how your advertising budget is being spent every month. Furthermore, you’ll know exactly what sort of return on investment you’re getting for that money, as you track potential patients through the funnel as they move towards making an appointment. It’s cost effective and adaptable, every time.
  • An accelerated approach to marketing: In a high speed digital world, PPC campaigns are a tool which allows us to accelerate your marketing, reaching more potential patients quickly and effectively. More eyes on your practice and your services mean more patients making appointments, allowing you to expand the scope of your quality care and helping patients find the dentist they need.
  • Fueled by action and adaptability: Action is faster than reaction, and PPC marketing in conjunction with a powerful digital campaign allows your marketing to act. Your ads will proactively reach the right audience and the right potential patients with the message they need to hear. Your marketing will be responsive and adaptable, allowing it to meet new needs and circumstances as your services evolve and your patient focus changes. Compared to conventional print marketing, this gives you previously unprecedented levels of flexibility for your investment.
  • You’re in control: With PPC digital marketing, you’ll be in control of your marketing, your advertising, and your brand image. With the ability to make changes in real time and to respond to changes in your demographics and your professional needs. Our approach puts you in the driver’s seat for both your budget and your marketing.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a powerful tool, but it works best in conjunction with a fully developed marketing effort. Your practice deserves marketing that understands the art and science of dentistry and the needs of both your current and potential patients. This is where our Dental System Optimization services shine: we offer both our area knowledge of dentistry and the business thereof and our cutting-edge approach to both digital and conventional marketing. We start by listening to each client, developing a thorough understanding of their goals and needs, and building something unique to reflect their services and their brand. Get in touch today, and put us to work for you.